Becoming the Best Leader You Can Be

Learn how to become an inspiring leader and impact lives, communities and business results.


Becoming the Best Leader You Can Be

Leadership can be a powerful tool for good in the world. Whether you are leading a team or developing your individual potential to achieve your personal best, becoming an inspirational leader starts with the work you do on your self. This series of course teaches you how to achieve the results you need.

Inspire Yourself

To inspire others, you have to first inspire yourself. Learn how to ignite your passion for being the best you can be and to achieve extraordinary things.

Achieve Great Clarity

Become aware of your own patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that negatively affect your decision-making process and learn how they are hindering your progress.

Inspire Others

Gain insights on the power of language and how to communicate confidently to inspire others to support you, follow you and achieve more alongside of you.

Who Benefits from These Courses

The courses are designed for busy professionals at all levels, ranging from senior executives, small business owners, cross-functional team leaders, or individuals wanting to live a more fulfilling life and make a more significant difference.

Why Take These Courses

  • Progress more successfully in your careerand/or in achieving your goals.
  • Contribute more significantlyto organizational goals.
  • Increase your confidenceand achieve more clarity.
  • Improve communication with others, both personally and professionally.
  • Release self-doubt, and become a more decisive, self-reliant leader.

Specialist Leadership Tutor

Mihaela Berciu is a Leadership Breakthrough Specialist who helps leaders and organisations find the clarity they need to improve performance and achieve even greater success

She understands the power of great leadership, having over 17 years of work experience. During the last 7 years she has focused on helping leaders and organisations achieve the clarity they need to improve performance and drive even greater success. Her client portfolio ranges from some of the most prestigious national to international business companies from a variety of business verticals.

What Others Have Been Saying About Mihaela

"Mihaela has a sixth sense about people and how to get the best out of them and does it in a straightforward, no nonsense way that makes sense and gets results. I am delighted."

S. Anderson
General Manager, Uber Australia & New Zealand

"Mihaela is a very dedicated leadership development specialist, whose work is of excellent quality. She is engaging and dynamic and she has some great out-of-the-box ideas and ways of implementing these! Mihaela will make sure that you are very satisfied with the end result of her work. You will never regret using her services!"

H. Candido
Managing Director, Finnished Product Ltd.

"I've had numerous generic big company trainings around motivation and leadership but none of them helped me the way Mihaela did. I'm now totally refocused, on top of my game and energised."

K. Anev
Member of the Management Board, General ESM

"The Discovery Day I had with Mihaela was eye opening. As a single mother of two and an executive I was getting out of balance. I needed the time and the support to stand back and reflect and reconnect."

C. Schveninger
HR Director, Vodafone

Here's What You'll Learn

What you learn on this programme fundamentally changes who you become as a leader, shaping the way you behave, how you communicate and the choices you make.

  • Become aware of your own patterns and limiting beliefs that negatively affect your decision-making process
  • Identify behaviours that no longer serve you and the way you communicate with others
  • Identify the cause of your current limitations and how to overcome them
  • Gain insights on the power of language and how to communicate confidently to inspire other to support you
  • Release your inner leader!


This is the foundation course that helps you understand the principles of inspirational leadership and why it is such an influential personal skill to develop that will benefit you and those you interact throughout your life.

You learn how your ego interferes with your full potential as a human being and of becoming an inspiring leader. Discover about the pathway for change that transform your behaviours from being led to leading through personal inspired behaviours and how to break through limiting beliefs to grow and become a more balanced, positive and successful person.



In this course you learn how to become more aware and identify those behaviours that no longer serve you and keep you from believing in yourself and your potential, hence miss on the opportunities that could help you progress in your career and have more fulfilling personal relationships.



This course is designed to help you go one step further in understanding how your current ways of thinking determine limiting behaviours and what shifts are required to open up your mind to see those opportunities for a long-lasting change. By removing those filters that alter the way you relate to your reality, you take the first steps to understanding the emotions behind your decision-making process to stop the habit of overthinking and, hence, limiting your progress.



In this course you work with changing the most common behaviours that hold people from becoming a leader who inspires. You learn what makes a great leader and how to transition from your current behaviour to that of an inspiring leader to not only increase your confidence in yourself, but also build the trust of those around you in your abilities to lead. 


What Your Courses Include

  • HD quality video lessons rich in engaging material.
  • Assessments to help identify leadership development opportunities and strengths.
  • Expert tuition from a leadership breakthrough specialist with many years experience in personal development and business.
  • Downloadable resources to help further develop your leadership skills.
  • Worksheets to help apply what you learn during lessons.
  • Life time access to the course so there's no rush to complete it within a set time frame.
  • Multi device ready allowing you to follow the course on any device including smart phones.
  • 14 day money back guarantee for peace of mind.

Have Any Questions?

Please contact Mihaela directly here.

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The world needs inspiring leaders to make a difference. Step forward NOW. Start paving your way to being the inspirational leader YOU can be. Begin with Course 1 and then purchase the additional courses as you develop and are able to apply what you have learnt, course by course.

The Fundamentals of Becoming an Inspiring Leader


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Become an Inspiring Leader – The Awareness Shift


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Leading the Self – The Mindset Shift


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Leading Others – The Behaviour Shift


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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no time restriction placed on you to either start or finish your course and you have life time access to it as well.

You have a 14 day money back guarantee. 

The course let's you leave comments and ask questions for Mihaela who will get back to you as quickly as possible and within 24 hours at the latest. There is no live support.

I recommend you take the time to read carefully the lessons, to properly reflect how does each topic apply to you and complete the exercises without rushing. The process is personal and subjective to each person. For the change to happen, you mustn’t rush through the units.

It is also advisable to review the exercises and repeat them as many times as you feel you need to.

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