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High Quality Video Lessons

Study in your own time through my collection of  HD videos and high quality lessons teaching the ins and out of inspiring leadership.

Leadership Development Tools

Access a variety of carefully designed leadership development tools that will boost your personal growth and strengthen your capability as an inspiring leader.

Expert Leadership Tutor

Learn the best strategies for becoming an inspiring leader from a Leadership Breakthrough Specialist with expertise in the field of personal development, combined with extensive knowledge of business practices.

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In handy PDF format, it perfectly summarises the core differences between managers and inspiring leaders. Use it to begin your own transformation into a leader that everyone wants to follow and is willing to achieve extraordinary things alongside of.

A great resource for HR professionals and anyone responsible for leadership development. 

What Others are Saying

A few examples of leaders that have experienced a Leadership Breakthrough session.

“Mihaela has a sixth sense about people and how to get the best out of them and does it in a straightforward, no nonsense way that makes sense and gets results. I am delighted.”

Susan AndersonGeneral Manager, Uber Australia & New Zealand

"Mihaela helps executives understand what their brand as a leader currently is – and what it could be – and then she helps them transition from what it is to its most potent potential"

Dennis Guise - Founder & President, HSL Assured Ltd.

"Working with Mihaela was eye opening, a single mother of two and an executive, I was getting out of balance. I needed the time and the support to reflect and reconnect with myself and my team."

C. Schveninger – HR Director - Vodafone

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The first step in becoming an inspiring leader is to develop your self-awareness and understand the actions you need to take to realise your potential, and remove barriers that may be hindering your development or decision-making. Begin today by taking one of my premium online courses designed for busy professionals driven to become truly inspiring leaders.


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